About Resource Standard Metrics (RSM)

Resource Standard Metrics is a source code metrics and quality analysis tool for ANSI C, ANSI C++, C# and Java for use on all Windows and UNIX operating systems. The speed, ease of use and portability of RSM make it unlike any other source code analysis tool on the market today. RSM provides standard metrics and automated source code analysis and is indispensable for any enterprise seeking to achieve ISO-9001, TickIt and SEI certifications. Now your company can run the same tool on multiple languages, on multiple operating systems, creating a higher standard for your metrics collection and source code quality.

Language Support

RSM supports the language syntax of ANSI C, ANSI C++, C# and Java. RSM is designed to analyze compiled source code. Source code that will not compile will not correctly pass through the RSM parser. RSM may miss functions and or code constructs if the source code cannot be compiled according to the specific grammar of the source language.

RSM Features

Resource Standard Metrics provides a combination of features not found in any other metrics tool. RSM is a shell-based tool, meaning that you must use a command shell or any UNIX shell or Xterm you desire to run RSM. This allows RSM to integrate seamlessly into Visual Studio, Kawa and other IDE's.  RSM utilizes a license file and configuration file on start up. The configuration file allows the user to customize the degree of source code analysis. RSM typically takes run-time switches allowing the user to customize the desired output. RSM creates HTML reports for Visual Metrics that interacts with source code hyperlinks and CSV or comma separated value format for direct input to MS Excel or other spreadsheets. Custom reports can be easily create by outputing XML then performing an XSL transformation on the file to create a custom HTML report within your web browser.

Key Features

  • Use one tool across all operating systems - RSM Installation
  • Use one tool across all project languages for K&R and ANSI C, ANSI C++ and Java 2.0+ - RSM Options and Reports
  • No limitations to the file length, number of files or usage, RSM has processed projects consisting of over 10,000 files and 7,000,000 Lines of Code
  • Use RSM to satisfy ISO9001, TickIT, SEI Levels 3 and 4 compliance
  • Determine exactly how RSM sees your code - Deterministic Report
  • Collect 100's of Source Code Metrics by the function, class, file, and project - RSM Metrics
  • Collect industry standard functional and object oriented metrics - RSM Metrics
  • Perform metrics between two baselines of code - Baseline Differentials
  • Create labor and cost estimation factors from the metrics - Estimation Factors
  • Analyze source code for over 50+ latent programming errors which compilers miss - RSM Quality Analysis
  • Analyze source code for code style enforcement - RSM Quality Analysis
  • Create an Inheritance tree directly from the code - Inheritance Tree
  • Analyze system class inheritance by depth and derivation
  • Interactive with Visual Studio 6.0 - Visual Studio Integration
  • Interactive with Visual Studio .Net - Visual Studio .NET Integration
  • Integrated with JBuilder -JBuilder
  • Integrated with Eclipse - Eclipse
  • Extract Comment and Strings for spell checking and understandability - Comment Extraction String Extraction
  • Generate printable source code with title, line and page numbers - Code Print Format
  • Regenerate source code to remove tabs, and convert between DOS and Unix - De-Character Mode
  • Create reports in HTML with hyperlinks to the code - HTML Output Mode
  • Create reports in CSV format for direct input to MS Excel Spreadsheets - CSV Reports
  • Create reports in XML with optional XSL translation for custom reports - XML Report, XML/XSL Report
  • Create reports in Text format for screen, print and import into documents - Text Report
  • Simple command line operation with runtime options - RSM Options and Reports
  • RSM is ideal for automatic code metrics collection from script routines - RSM Operation
  • The product is five years mature and used by leading companies worldwide - Sample User Base
  • Available in Single User, Network and Site licenses for the most cost effective metrics and code analysis solution on the market today. - Resource Standard Metrics Order Form
Hardware Requirements
  • RSM uses 1.0 to N Megabytes of memory (physical + virtual) depending on the number of source files processed.
  • RSM requires disk space for the storage of reports. Space requirements depend on the number and size of reports.

Software Requirements

  • RSM will process any length file and any number of files up until your local memory is exhausted.
  • RSM will run precompiled on Windows 9x, Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, and Linux.
  • RSM UNIX licenses come with source code and are known to compile on Mac OS X, Sun OS, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, IBM AIX and Linux.