Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons
Why Your Enterprise Should Be Using RSM
Software Source Code Metrics and Quality Analysis

One tool does it all!
Used and vetted by 1000's of users, over 10 years and used by all of your competitors. Purchased by industry leaders in virtually every industry, across the USA and World. Used by MIT, NASA and the US Military in classified enclaves. Licensed source code is available.

Determines source code size metrics for physical, effective (style independent) and logical and complexity forms consistent with CMMI standards.

Reports in many formats - HTML, XML, CSV, and Text. Create your own with XSL and XML.

Analyze source code for quality issues the compiler will not enforce. Use as prerequisites to code peer review or analyze subcontracted source code. Design your own quality analysis notices using regular expressions for user defined quality notices.

Operates across all operating systems including Windows, all UNIX, Linux 32/64 bit and Macintosh Os X. Recompilable source code available for any UNIX system.

Processes the top commercial computer languages C, ANSI C, C++, ANSI C++, Java, and C# for LOC size and code quality analysis.

Recursively process source code baseline differentials with no limit in the tree depth or number of source code files. Know how many new, removed, diffed and equal lines of code between two baseline. Uses industry standard "LCS" largest common sequence differentials.

Single User, Network and Site licenses economically sized to create the most cost effective solution to meet CMMI, AS9100 and ISO certifications. No need for expensive and complicated license managers like FlexLM. Installation is simple and license management is easy.

Simple operation from the command line for CM or IDE integration or use the Windows RSM Graphical User Interface Wizard.

Product support documentation, examples, white papers and free tools.

The fastest, most cost effective commercial software source code metrics and quality analysis tool.