RSM Syntax

                     Report Banner - Edit rsm.cfg File

           Resource Standard Metrics (TM) for C, C++, C# and Java
                     Version 7.71 -

  License Type: Company Site License
  Licensed To : M Squared Technologies LLC
  License No. : ST1000                          License Date: Mar 06, 2013
  Build Date  : Mar  7 2013                         Run Date: Mar 07, 2013
  (C)1996-2013 M Squared Technologies LLC

  License File: C:\Program Files\MSquared\M2 RSM\rsm.lic
  Config. File: C:\Program Files\MSquared\M2 RSM\rsm.cfg
  Command Line: -hs -xNoHEADER 
                               RSM Help Syntax

  Syntax: C:\Program Files\MSquared\M2 RSM\rsm.exe -switch or -switch[option] or 
          -switch["compound option"] filenames or wild cards
          [ ] characters are not entered
          -A Automated CSV output mode
             Moved to -C switch
          -a Allocation/de-allocation memory function counts
          -b Benchmark processing performance
          -C CSV output mode
             -C -fa  Functions and Files
             -C -fp  Function Points derived from LOC
             -C -i   Inheritance Tree
             -C -s   File Summary
             -C -T*  All T report Switches
             -C -w   Work file differential extraction
          -c Complexity metrics, Cyclomatic and Interface
          -D De-character source, Warning: Modifies Source Code
             -Dd  Add carriage returns \r, create DOS files
             -Dt  Remove tabs \t
             -Du  Remove carriage returns \r, make UNIX files
          -d Determine source code against LOC analysis algorithm
          -E Extract literal strings or comments from source code
             -Ec  Extract comments
             -EC  Extract comment documentation relative to function or class
             -Es  Extract strings
          -e Estimate labor rate analysis based on LOC and complexity
          -F"FileList.txt"  Input mode from a file list
          -f Function Identification and LOC metrics
             -fa  Functional Identification Analysis
             -fd  Functional cyclomatic complexity detail metrics
             -fp  Function Points derived from LOC metrics
             -fm  Function methods and attributes annotated from a class
          -H HTML output mode for use with a WWW browser
          -h Help and licensing information
             -hc  Configuration Settings
             -hf  Full Help Text Document
             -hl  License Information
             -hn  Quality Notice Types
             -hp  Abbreviated Syntax with Pause Prompt
             -hs  Syntax only
             -hu  User License Agreement
          -i Inheritance tree generation
          -k Key for sorting reports
             -kd  Sort in descending order, default is ascending
             -k0  No report sorting (default)
             -k1  Sort by Entity Name
             -k2  Sort by LOC
             -k3  Sort by eLOC
             -k4  Sort by lLOC
             -k5  Sort by Cyclomatic Complexity
             -k6  Sort by Work File Difference State
             -k7  -Td report sorted by function count
             -k8  -Td report sorted by quality notice count
             -k9  -Td report sorted by file date
             -k10 -Td report sorted by file size
          -l List function names declared in each file
          -m Macro identification
          -n Notices for code quality analysis & common errors
          -N Notice output format
             -Ns  Single line summary format
             -Nv  Visual Studio interactive format
          -o Object metrics classes and structs
          -O"filename"  Output mode to a file instead of screen
          -p Printable format for source code
             -B1  Begin Top Margin (defaults shown)
             -M5  Left Margin
             -P55 Page Length
             -L80 Line Length
          -r"ext,ext,... directory"  Recurse directory input mode
          -R Read File Input Processing Options
             -Rd  Process directory (-r No Recursive Descent)
             -Rl  List files to be processed and exit
             -Rn  Files input are sorted by name (Headers occur first)
          -s Summary LOC metrics per file
          -S"string"  Title string for a report
          -T Totals only mode, Sorted
             -Ta  All Total reports
             -Td  All Files listed in detail
             -Tf  Functions, Classes Namespaces and Notices
             -Ti  Inheritance Tree Only
             -Tl  Summaries only, no listing of functions, classes etc.
             -TL  Language Metric Summary
             -TN  No file names displayed
             -To  Objects Structs, Classes, Interfaces, Namespaces
             -Tp  Quality Profile by notice type
             -Tq  Quality Notice summary list by file
             -Tn  Quality Notices emitted by file and line number
             -Ts  Total summary LOC metrics
             -Tv  Total verbose metrics
             -Tw  Work file metrics differentials only
          -v Verbose metrics for files, LOC, keywords and constructs
          -u User Management and Network License Features
             -us  Show the current user log
             -u"File CFG rsm_user.cfg" User defined RSM configuration
             -u"File XSL rsm_td.xsl" User specified XSL for -X output mode
             -ua  (Network License Only) Archive log/restart
             -ur  (Network License Only) Remove user from current log
          -w Work files for metrics differentials between baselines
             -wb  Show the basis for calculating work productivity
             -w"create top_dir" Create work file, specify baseline top directory
             -wD  Deterministic mode for -wc work file creation
             -wd  Differentials for code lines (Time and Space intensive)
             -we  Do not process equal files between the old and new baselines
             -w"File dat myworkfile.dat"  User specified work file
             -w"File cfg mydiff.cfg"  User defined differential configuration
             -wg  Show the glossary for the report
             -wm  Do not process modified files between old and new baselines
             -wn  Do not process new files between the old and new baselines
             -wp  Show Work Productivity Estimates
             -wr  Do not process removed files between the old and new baselines
             -ws  Show Code Differential Details for each file, line no & Type
             -wv  Verbose mode for metrics differential files
             -wW  Deprecated as of version 6.52, use -wx
             -w"x OlderWork.dat NewerWork.dat" Extract work differentials
          -X XML Output Mode
             -X -T*  All T report switches, reference -T
             -X -wx  Work file differentials extraction
          -x Extended options
             -xNOCONFIG  No configuration file reporting in output
             -xNOCOMMAND No command line reporting in output
             -xUDQNSHOW  Show the User Defined Quality Notices
             -xNOWRAP    Do not wrap long names in reports
          -y Display configuration parameters, export rsm.cfg